How to submit the draft

This is a translation of the text in the ”Skicka rapport” tab.

Step 1

The draft is ready to be submitted.

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Enter the message to be sent together with the environmental report in the email to the supervisory authority. To send carbon copies of the email, please enter email addresses to be copied on the email to the supervisory authority. If more than one address is entered, use semicolon or comma to separate them.


Cancel, Save, Submit report

Step 2

Submit environmental report step 2/3

In order to submit the environmental report, confirmation with password is required. Enter the password and press ”Submit”.

The environmental report includes confideltial information.

I have read the information in the tab ”About this service/Security” and I am aware of the fact that the environmental report becomes a public document as a general rule, following submission. Any appendices and other information that is noted as confidental may become classified according to Swedish law, but only if there are basis for this. Assessment of classified information is carried out by the supervisory authority that has access to the information at the point when access is requested.

I am also aware of the fact that submitted information may be used in statistical compilations. These compilations are subject to disclosure control, i.e. they will be compiled in a way that does not allow one to identify single businesses.

Step 3

Submit environmental report step 3/3

Receipt of submitted environmental report

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